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Yangon – The English Teacher on The Circular Train


To say that our train had air conditioning was a tremendous overstatement — it was merely a cool breeze, but the heat was still there. The seats were comfortable and we liked the fact that some of them were specifically reserved for monks, the same way as they are for senior citizens and pregnant ladies. There were always the curious looks of the other passengers, smiling at us, willing to bond even in the slightest way — some waved and some looked as if we were actors in a soap opera, waiting for us to do something special I guess.

How much to Budget for Myanmar(Burma) for one month?

budget for myanmar

From the very beginning we always thought a month in Myanmar would be a large dent in our budget. Our daily budget for the whole of South East Asia is £12 per person per day (or $18) but we thought it would be impossible to keep to this in Myanmar. We’d read about people just about surviving on $20 a day but they’d resorted to sleeping in monasteries for free and surviving off only street food.

5 Things to do in Yangon and Best Hotels on a Budget

Things to do in Yangon

There are a lot of things to do in Yangon, Myanmar, with more and more tourists visiting the city every year. I for one am not usually a city girl but there is something about Yangon that is unique with its genuine people and hustling streets, I definitely fell in love a little bit. If like us, you want to visit Yangon and avoid the main touristy sights and are conscious of how much money you’re spending then we recommend doing these 5 things!