About us

slow spirit team

Who are we?

We are a group of four ordinary people who have a somewhat alternative lifestyle, as we all believe in minimalist and sustainable, long term travel. You can spot us catching the 22 hour train rather than flying, carrying with us nothing more than our small backpacks as hand luggage. We also believe in the concept of slow travel which is the idea of taking each journey slowly and really immersing yourself in the local culture.

So how did it all start?

It all began in 2007 when two twin brothers moved from Brazil to England and began writing about their new life to keep their friends and family updated. Over time the focus shifted to the cultural differences, the cost of living and travelling as a way of life. Then two became four as a shared interest in an alternative lifestyle drew together, Greg and Rafa and Gui and Sophia.

Gregório and Rafaela met in 2008 in London and since being together have travelled to over 20 different countries. Guilherme and Sophia met in 2012 in New Zealand where they were both travelling and working at the time.

What now?

All of us are lucky enough to share the same love of travel and we want to do it together and record our adventures, which is what this blog is for. We hope to inspire and inform our readers to do the same. Our main goal is to make the most out of every moment by taking things slow and respecting the environment. So the amazing sights we can see will still be there for the next generations to come. For all of us experiences are worth a lot more than material items so whatever it takes to keep us on the road, we are up for it!

A little bit more about us as individuals…



Sophia is a creative writer who grew up in the beautiful land of Cornwall in England and loves nothing better than going on blustery walks along the cliffs and feeling the sea breeze on her face. Growing up near the ocean she always longed to cross it and now she’s doing just that and traversing the world jotting down poems along the way. If she can’t be found in some foreign land you’ll find her curled up in a corner with a good book in one hand and a green tea with honey in the other.




Guilherme is a writer and translator — as of now! He likes his freedom, randomness and flexibility and tries to find them in every area of his life,  therefore he’s worked in many different industries, always learning something useful in each place. He is constantly daydreaming of a better world and tries to give and receive kindness everywhere. He yearns to know more countries and cultures, so apart from asking lots of questions, he can easily be found eating the weirdest thing on the menu.




Greg is a Digital Content Creator who has lived abroad since 2007. His passion is sharing the knowledge he’s learnt on his travels with others as he whispers soft-spoken motivational words to them. You’ll always find him on his phone reading about the latest technology or most recent hack. He’s usually easy to spot on the road; he’ll be the one spinning around while everyone else is stood like a statue as he takes yet another panorama photo.



gizmo and I


Rafaela is a sustainable developer who left the beauties of Brazil behind in 2004 to discover the world. Along the road she aspires to change our earth for the better. You can find her hidden behind a camera lense as she snaps away at stunning scenery. When captured you’ll find her cycling with the wind in her hair or dancing the night away at a forro. She also recently discovered her passion for writing and sharing her stories with you lovely people.