Stickers on the Wall

Stickers on the Wall

Stickers on the Wall

I think Sophia and I have a pretty healthy relationship. Everything tends to be OK between us and the odd time we have some sort of disagreement, we talk it over and solve it. But not always! Some things are not big enough to be a problem but are small enough to be irritating.

And that’s the perfect festering ground for some domestic wars!

Since I have been doing most of the cooking lately, as Sophia’s away for the day and I’m working at home, I’m dealing with food. And that means opening wrappers, cardboard boxes, cans and also taking the stickers off fruits and vegetables.

I don’t know exactly when I first noticed it, but there’s a beam on the kitchen’s ceiling which, funnily enough, seems to be the perfect place to put the stickers on. It’s like a mini wall of naughtiness, where you can “tag” your own house.

I started slowly putting the stickers there. Avocados, apples, bananas, squashes, you name it, they were on the wall. It was almost like a Hall of Fame or the counter you put your trophies and awards on — like a remembrance for the fallen fruit and veg.

Until Sophia found out.

No questions were asked. One day we had a joyous wall, the other, an empty boring one. After my inquiry she explained: “They’re not staying and it’s hard for me to clean it. I’m too little and needed a chair to reach them.”

Just like that my sticker collection was gone.

I’m unsure if I was more annoyed that we don’t share the same taste, or the fact that she went out of her way to annihilate my safe spot. I disclosed my concerns but unfortunately they fell on deaf ears.

“No one will know, Sophia,” I said, “any guests we have won’t be able to see it, as it’s on the opposite side of the beam.”

The reply: “I will know!”

You see, these are the moments where any reasonable person would abandon their hobbies for the sake of the relationship. The best course of action would be to respect the fact she doesn’t like it and stop this nonsense altogether.

However, when it comes to our house decoration, Sophia made most of the decisions and I, admittedly, didn’t, apart from helping set things up. So, I was led to believe I could claim the beam as mine, considering the rest of the house was Sophia’s.

Unfortunately, Sophia didn’t acquiesce in my decision.

Well, this story happened in the middle of the last year. Since then, hordes of cool stickers passed through that wall of happiness and equal amounts were destroyed by Sophia, The Annihilator.

They come and go. We had strawberries one of these days and every now and then sweet potatoes. We’ve even had Spanish cherries! Everyone was happy — me and the other stickers on the wall.

This is a long and arduous battle, it happens once every one or two weeks. Sophia’s relentless but we will not bow.

Long Live The Stickers!

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