2017 So Far

Wow! After a few months of silence I suppose I woke up today feeling like sharing a bit of what’s going on in my life. For those who might be asking why we kind of stopped writing regularly, there’s no straight answer, it was a mix of not feeling motivated, looking for authenticity or the fact that other stuff in our life became our priority.

Anyway, life’s good! =] !


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In February Sophia and I tied the knot yet again, I mean, we actually made it legal. When we got married in Thailand last year, it was just the ceremony. The thought of dealing with the whole bureaucracy of doing it legally over there and then translating Thai certificates and making it legal in the UK was just too much. It was just a small family gathering and it was lovely. It was a crisp cold day in Bakewell but the sun definitely made up for it — we couldn’t have asked for more. Well, of course it would’ve been nicer with my parents over here, but I doubt they would have enjoyed the cold temperatures (and we have an excuse to celebrate another time in Brazil!).



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We went to Rome for our honeymoon and stayed five days there. It’s easy to live in England and slowly forget how cold and miserable it can be in the winter. Italy was a completely different story — sunny nearly every day with an average of 17 degrees.

We just couldn’t get enough of the city — everywhere you go there’s something amazing to look at. Food, accommodation and transportation were generally affordable and it made me wonder how it’d be to live in Rome.

No sooner had I arrived back home I left again to see my brother in London. This thing about being twins is funny; every now and then something comes up and you find yourself being the stars of a documentary for a few days! When it comes out I’ll be sure to let everyone know about it.


Delft - Beer - Kwak

Delft – Kwak

I was back in Derby to basically take a breather and then get back on the road! This time I went back to Delft, in the Netherlands, to see my long-term friend Saulo. He’s about to finish his doctorate and should be moving to China at the end of this month.

I wasn’t there to explore Delft but to have a nice time with my friend. It’s funny that when you travel somewhere you’ve been before and you don’t intend to be a tourist, you enjoy many local activities thus having an even deeper experience.

Who would’ve thought I’d be going to a public swimming pool on the evening in the very first night I arrived? This mini trip was about long drunken conversations peppered with many laughs and digressions.


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And what? You thought I went back to Derby and just stayed there? No, not really! Sophia and I visited the land of the Beatles and I had a wonderful time (weather permitting!). Liverpool was just a three-hour train journey and it’s a cool place to visit.

The day before we left we watched the documentary “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week” — if you haven’t, do it, you’ll truly understand what Beatlemania was! So, we went on a boat tour on the River Mersey, walked around Ropewalks and, obviously, had a couple of pints at The Cavern Club (where it all began).

I’m finally at home now! Last week Sophia and I went to the circus and it was just hilariously amusing. It’s always good to see artists performing and evoking laughter and excitement throughout the audience.

I’m now catching up on all the work which slowly piled up whilst I was absent. The weather is improving, the clocks have just changed and there’s this sense in the air that 2017 has everything to be another great year.

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