A Guide to Copenhagen on a Budget

A budget guide to copenhagen

Nyhavn neighbourhood, Copenhagen

A Guide to Copenhagen on a Budget

Scandinavia is renowned for being expensive and Copenhagen is no exception with the cost of accommodation averaging at £40 a night for a twin room. However, it was a city we’d always wanted to visit and when we found cheap flights leaving from Copenhagen to Bangkok it seemed like a great excuse to break up our journey to Asia. We fully expected it to be a large dent in our budget but after spending the day there I am happy to say we were pleasantly surprised at how budget friendly it can actually be if you do your research. So here is our guide to Copenhagen on a budget with a breakdown of costs so you too can experience Copenhagen without breaking the bank.


We have always loved couchsurfing for both its experience and its cost effectiveness so we tried our hardest to find a couchsurfing host but unfortunately for the first time ever we failed to get a couch. So it was two days before we arrived in Copenhagen and we still hadn’t booked accommodation. Thank goodness for airbnb. If couchsurfing is not your thing then airbnb is definitely the way forward as it’s nearly always cheaper than a hotel and in our case it was cheaper than a hostel too! As we’d left it so late to book all the hostels were very full and they were quoting us £23 per person per night in a 10 bed dorm without breakfast. Expensive right?

Well luckily for us we found ourselves a private room on airbnb for £33.50 a night with breakfast included. If you book further in advance you can find places on airbnb from as little as £18 per night for a room. We loved our airbnb room and our host was really friendly and welcoming and answered lots of questions we had about the danish culture. An added bonus that we’d never have experienced had we stayed in a hostel or hotel. So our recommendation for cutting your accommodation costs is either couchsurf or book through airbnb. If you are new to airbnb click here to sign up and receive £13 free credit! If you are the sort of person however that prefers more comfort and privacy, then there are plenty of great deals to be found at agoda.com.

Budget guide to copenhagen

Our airbnb apartment


As breakfast was included with our accommodation we could set out to explore Copenhagen on full stomachs but by 1 o’clock they were starting to rumble. We’d wanted to go to a place called Rita’s which is apparently the place to go to try the local delicacy, smorrebrod at a cheap price but when we checked online to get directions we read that it was closed by 2pm on weekdays and shut weekends so we were just too late. However, we heard really great things about it so if you get a chance to go it’s located here: Fælledvej 11, 2200 København, Danmark. And let us know what your experience is like!

So eventually we settled on a place called Samos restaurant for lunch which is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to save money. It’s located here: Skindergade 29, 1159 København K, Denmarkand, and for £4.90 they run a lunch buffet which is all you can eat plus desserts! The food was really tasty and we were soon full. The drinks are more expensive but acceptable with a small beer costing £2. After this we were also lucky enough to find a place which had a special deal on and was offering all their coffees for just £1. We think we just got lucky on this though so expect to pay around £3 on average for a coffee.

Budget guide to copenhagen

Amazing Lunch Buffet at Samos

In the evening we decided to make use of the kitchen in the apartment so went to the supermarket and for £9 bought sandwiches for that evening, dinner for the next day plus a couple of local beers. All in all our tastebuds had definitely been tantalized and at a very reasonable price.

Things to Do

Copenhagen is the sort of city where even if you’re on a really tight budget you can still enjoy it for free by just wandering around and admiring it’s beauty. We did this and also spent a bit of money on the main touristy attractions. To start off our day though we explored the streets of Christiania which is a hippy freetown in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s a great place to see street art or just sit back and people watch.

Budget guide to copenhagen


After this we strolled along the river and found ourself at the famous Nyhavn which really is a beautiful little street where you can see the old tall ships and the house of Hans Christian Anderson. From here we decided to get a boat tour which was only £3.95 each for an hour and was really interesting. You get to see the city from a different point of view as we wound through its old network of canals and slid under it’s low hanging bridges. We’d definitely recommend it but to get this price make sure you take the blue “netto boats.”

In the afternoon we went up the round tower which cost £2.50 each but was definitely worth it for the view from the top as you can gaze down over the whole of Copenhagen. We then wandered over to the Rosenberg Palace and gardens which we just admired from the outside but you can pay to look around the house if you want. So in total we spent just £12.90 for the both of us on sightseeing activities.


We hardly spent anything on transport as we chose to walk everywhere. Our only cost was literally just getting from the airport to our accommodation and vice versa which was £3.50 one way per person.


So in total our final cost based on two nights for two people in Copenhagen was £114.70 which comes in at just £28.68 per person per day. Not too bad we reckon for such an expensive city. Well we hope this is useful anyway and if you have any further tips on how to save money in Copenhagen we’d love to hear them!



*Some links in this post are affiliate links, so if you click, I’ll get a tiny commission – it’s a good deal for us both!

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